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Let us embark on a journey into the mystical realm of creativity through my art and teachings. Together we will discover the sublime through the art of painting, seeking to comprehend the holy and the divine.

It brings me great joy to share the artistic process with others and I am eager to impart my knowledge of painting and drawing upon eager learners.

Welcome to my website, a place where art and inspiration intersect.

Art has the ability to transport us to realms beyond our current reality, filled with an ethereal sense of mystery and spiritual depth. It has the power to spark a sense of beauty and wonder within us. Through my artwork, I strive to create this experience by utilizing light as a symbol of divine grace, blessing, and enlightenment.

I have a thorough understanding of traditional oil painting methods and use that knowledge to realistically depict my thoughts. My art covers a wide range of topics, from portraits to landscapes to still life, and everything is filled with the legendary and the epic. My art creates tales that take the spectator to other eras and locations by drawing inspiration from the tales of gods and heroes that have mesmerized us for generations. I stand out as an artist because of my background, creative process, important exhibits, and achievements. I’m eager to share my vision with you.

Welcome to my artistic universe!

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