The first elements of practical drawing

About various drawing techniques.

The proportions of the human body must be depicted with relief, which is accomplished by giving the sections of the body lights and shadows, in addition to the contour lines that serve as a guide for these proportions. There are numerous techniques to create these lights and shadows, and that is what is typically referred to as “drawing.”

Typically, drawings can be divided into three categories: chalk/crayon, pen, and wash.

Chalk is the most convenient since it can be readily erased using the soft side of a piece of bread, allowing the work to be quickly changed or corrected. Chalk is also the easiest to manage and more appropriate for precisely finished drawings, making it useful for novices.

It appears that the Pen (quill) is more suited to those who draw effortlessly than to those who are just beginning because all of its strokes are solid and cannot be undone.

Nevertheless, some people think that starting with it is a good idea because you have to be more careful about what you do and where you position your lines because you can’t delete them; however, some artists don’t agree with this opinion.

The best way to master pen control is to imitate the Carracci’s prints, and to recreate with the pen all the curves and hatch-marks that the burin has formed. Although one must be extremely advanced to benefit from their pen drawings, they are created with enthusiasm and amazing taste.

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