“Ethereal Radiance: A Pastel Hymn to the Blushing Dahlias”

Size and Medium

This grand pastel composition measures a stately 50 x 65 cm on paper and is one of my favorite mediums, only second to oil painting.

Versatility of Pastel

Pastel holds a distinguished place in my repertoire due to its ability to closely resemble oil paint in color range and versatility for creating delicate transitions and bold lines.

Technique and Inspiration

In this piece, I have used circular strokes of soft pastels to bring texture and vibrancy to the pink petals of the dahlias. The profusion of wavy petals creates an ethereal halo and light plays a crucial role in imbuing the piece with a sense of flourishing. The dahlias, with their connotations of hope and desire, speak to us of an idyllic existence. This artwork is a celebration of the infinite swirls of petals, reminiscent of storytelling. It is a pleasure to behold and allows the viewer to get lost in its kinetic void. The inspiration for this work came from the beauty and visual fragrance of dahlias in the great outdoors.

Creative Process

Soft pastels are also used in my creative process as a means of sketching and studying for larger oil paintings.

Fun Fact

Dahlias have been esteemed for their unique and varied floral shapes since ancient Aztec times, who believed them to possess medicinal properties.

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