Breaking News: SuhoArt Etsy Shop is Now Open – Order Your Custom Oil Portrait Today!

Announcement of the opening of SuhoArt Etsy shop where customers can order custom, hand-painted oil portraits to immortalize their cherished memories on a canvas of unparalleled splendor.

“Ethereal Radiance: A Pastel Hymn to the Blushing Dahlias”

Size and Medium This grand pastel composition measures a stately 50 x 65 cm on paper and is one of my favorite mediums, only second to oil painting. Versatility of Pastel Pastel holds a distinguished place in my repertoire due to its ability to closely resemble oil paint in color range and versatility for creatingContinue reading ““Ethereal Radiance: A Pastel Hymn to the Blushing Dahlias””

Is Abstract Art REALLY that Different from Photorealistic Art? The Surprising Truth About these Controversial Styles!

Despite their apparent differences, both forms of art have been called into question as to whether they truly deserve to be considered Fine-Art, often lacking the deeper meaning, vision, talent, and personal sensitivity that are often considered essential to true Fine-Art.

Part 2: The Case for Renaming Abstract Art as “Anti-Art” instead of “Fine Art”

“Abstract art, often considered a form of Fine-Art, has been a topic of debate for many years. While some argue that it is a legitimate form of artistic expression, others believe that it should not be considered art at all, and should rather be called pseudo-art.”

Mi az a művészet?

Sok ember, beleértve a nem-nyugati kultúrákban élőket is, hisz abban, hogy a művészet különleges készséget, gondosságot, érzékenységet és látásmódot igényel, amelyek életre keltik a témát és meggyőző módon jelentéssel ruházzák fel, és hogy az olyan alkotások, amelyek nem rendelkeznek ezekkel a tulajdonságokkal, vagy sikertelen műalkotások, vagy nem művészet.

What is Art?

The beliefs that art is made with special skill and care, consists of two- or three-dimensional representations of actual or imagined persons, places, objects, or events, and involves more than just technical skill are shared by many people, including those from non-Western cultures, as outlined in Michelle Marder Kamhi’s book Who Says That’s Art?.

Must-Read Books on Art for Every Artist and Art Student

I am always looking for books that will inspire, inform, and push me in my creative path because I am both an artist and an art instructor. Over the years, I have discovered many amazing books on a variety of subjects linked to art, including perspective, anatomy, art theory, drawing, painting, teaching, and more. IContinue reading “Must-Read Books on Art for Every Artist and Art Student”

Part 1: The Case for Renaming Abstract Art as “Anti-Art” instead of “Fine Art”

Abstract art may be seen as a form of rebellion against traditional norms, but does it really qualify as “real art”? Explore the arguments for and against abstract art in this blog post.


To compose is to use the external impressions of things in the service of ideas. Composing has two factors; one is the goal you want to express, and the other is the material knowledge you have to achieve it.

Principles of Figurative Drawing

By understanding and utilizing the principles of figurative drawing of shadow, a drawing can be made more realistic and captivating through the use of velvety and crisp treatments to create a calm, mysterious and layered effect.