Vers rólam

Így szólok, Szuhodovszky Nicolas, Képzőművész vagyok, realista festő, Álomszerűen, színekben, árnyalatokban, Romantikus realizmus, barokk színben. Olajfestményeket készítek, Pastellekkel is szívesen dolgozom, Valóságot ábrázolok, Személyes látásmódomban. Fotókon túl, életre keltem, Klasszikus festői technikával, Történeteket mesélek, Kompozícióm színes, szép. Svédországban születtem, 1975-ben, Konstskolan i Stockholmban tanultam, Budapesten folytattam, Festészetet, restaurálást. Szabadúszófestő lettem, Portréktól, tájképekig, Mindenre vállalkozom, TanítokBővebben: “Vers rólam”

The first elements of practical drawing

About various drawing techniques. The proportions of the human body must be depicted with relief, which is accomplished by giving the sections of the body lights and shadows, in addition to the contour lines that serve as a guide for these proportions. There are numerous techniques to create these lights and shadows, and that isBővebben: “The first elements of practical drawing”

My Instagram Account got Hacked

I regret to inform my followers that my Instagram account, suho_art_, was subjected to a hacking incident on October 29, 2022. Since then, the hackers have used my name to post fake Bitcoin advertisements and have spammed my friends via DM. I strongly urge my followers to not respond to these messages. UPDATE!!! As anBővebben: “My Instagram Account got Hacked”

The Principles of Figurative Drawing and Painting

Painting is the art of applying different colors in a way that pleases the viewer’s eye. All paintings have six kinds of contrasts, although some paintings may have more or less than others In drawing and painting coloring can be understood as the contrasting but complementary application of whole and fragmented colors in such aBővebben: “The Principles of Figurative Drawing and Painting”

The Painting of La Gioconda known as the Mona Lisa

La Gioconda, known in English as The Mona Lisa, is a half-length portrait painting by the Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci. Considered one of the most famous paintings in the world, it was painted around 1503 and 1517. The purpose of this reconstruction endeavor is to demonstrate how Leonardo and his contemporaries would haveBővebben: “The Painting of La Gioconda known as the Mona Lisa”

Storm Waves—A quick oil painting study after Ivan Ajvazovszkij

Welcome to my blog! I’m a painter and an art teacher, and I paint in the style of the old masters. I sometimes make copies of artwork by other artists. This is a common practice among painters who are still learning their craft: by copying paintings by old master painters, they learn what makes thoseBővebben: “Storm Waves—A quick oil painting study after Ivan Ajvazovszkij”

Oil Painting Green Grapes

Here I am at work in the studio continuing on the oil painting with green grapes. This is the second layer, adding the lights and texture with neutral tints. After this, I will use a small brush to add the final details. The painting is coming along nicely, but I’m having trouble getting the grapesBővebben: “Oil Painting Green Grapes”

Bachata Dancing Oil Painting Time-lapse

Time-lapse video of this quick dance painting study 😀 to Bachata music 🎵🥁🎸 “Bachata Dancing Couple” – 25 x 30 cm, oil on Hardboard, 2020 by me Nicolas Szuhodovszky. Alongside Salsa and Kizomba, I have also been dancing Bachata for a few years, another popular contemporary Latin dance. Bachata is a style of social danceBővebben: “Bachata Dancing Oil Painting Time-lapse”