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The Art of Making Paintings

Art is the Mind made visible.

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For me, it is a pleasure to pass on knowledge!

Painting aims and principles:

  •  to express archetypal forms and themes, independent of the spirit of the age, to bring the eternal and the timeless to life;
  •  a sensual depiction of beauty and harmony, to create elegance with graceful and stylized forms;
  •  to capture pathos and emotions;
  •  to gain the highest level of pictorial knowledge and craft through continuous learning and self-education.

Nicolas is an artist who works in the area of representational art and specializes in realistic paintings, although they often take on a dream-like quality. He is best recognized for his realistic and figurative paintings influenced by Romantic Realism combined with a Baroque-esque sheen. He paints his compositions with oil paint and loves working with pastels as well.

His pictures are reconstructions of reality from a personal perspective. He strives to capture a lifelike image that goes beyond the flat and over-detailed look transferred by photography. Instead, he rearranges and renders the visual components in a stylized composition. The aim is to give story-like meaning to the image, using proven classical painting techniques.

Nicolas Szuhodovszky was born in 1975 in Stockholm. He began his fine arts studies in Sweden at the school called Konstskolan i Stockholm. In 1999, he moved to Budapest, where he studied oil painting and restoration at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts until 2004.

Since 2004, Nicolas has been working as a freelance painter and illustrator. He fulfills assignments from countries around the world, and his work ranges from portraits to still-life to landscapes to individual ideas. He also teaches drawing and painting in his studio in Budapest.


List of Group and Solo exhibitions:

2021 October 6. Group exhibition, Mini Paintings – Hungarian Painting Day as part of a series of events, Vizivárosi Galéria, Budapest (Hungary)

2019 October 16. Group exhibition, Mini Paintings – Hungarian Painting Day as part of a series of events, Vizivárosi Galéria, Budapest (Hungary)

2019 May-June. Group exhibition of Hungarian and Austrian artists – Roads, Berchtoldvilla, Salzburg (Austria)

2017 October. Group exhibition, Science portraits of the outstanding figures of fishing and fish science, Vármező Galéria, Budapest (Hungary)  

2017 April. Group exhibition, Géza Hofi’s 80th anniversary cartoon exhibition, Madách Theater, Tolnay Szalon, Budapest (Hungary)

2016 November. Group exhibition, Géza Hofi’s 80th anniversary cartoon exhibition, Pócsmegyer Rendezvényközpont Budapest (Hungary),

2016 March. Solo exhibition, Nymphs – Malom Galéria, Budapest (Hungary)

2015 November. Moments – Regéczy Nagy Andrea’s photo- and Nicolas Szuhodovszky’s painting exhibition, Premium Apartment House Budapest (Hungary)

2014 October. Group exhibition, Autumn Gardening Days–2nd Floral Industry, Education, Folk Art and Craft Exhibition, Corvinus University of Budapest (Hungary)

2014. August, Group Exhibition, Danube Bend Virtual Cartoon Exhibition (Roman watchtower, Lecsó, Flood, Fishing, Beach Holidays), Faluház, Szigetmonostor

2014 July – August. Group Exhibition, Animal Illustrations Exhibition, Altamira Association, Holnemvolt Park, Budapest (Hungary)

2014 May. 2nd Prize – Animation Category, for the animated short film “1848 Pákozd”, Television of Zalaegerszeg, Göcsej (Hungary)

2014 February. “1848 Pákozd”–Animated Short Film (concept art, illustration, edit), Museum of Military History, Permanent Exhibition. X (10th) 

2011 November. Group Exhibition, Salon Du Dessin Et De La Peinture À L’eau (Salon of Drawing & Watercolour), GRAND PALAIS des Champs-Elysées, Paris (France),

2011 June. Group Exhibition, Kontoret Solna Centrum, Stockholm (Sweden)

2011 April. Group Exhibition, Kontoret Globen, Stockholm (Sweden)

2010 October – December. Group Exhibition, Gallery Nybroviken, Stockholm (Sweden)

2009 September. Artists Autumn Salon, Art Fair of Kista, Stockholm (Sweden)

2009. 16th National Student Film Review: 1st Prize, for the short film entitled “The Duel”, Budapest (Hungary)

2006 September. Group Exhibition, Retrospection, Budai Klub Galéria, Budapest (Hungary)

2006 June. Solo exhibition, Studies, Budai Klub Galéria, Budapest (Hungary)

2002 January. Group Exhibition, Barcsay Competition Exhibition, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest (Hungary)

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