Storm Waves—A quick oil painting study after Ivan Ajvazovszkij

Welcome to my blog! I’m a painter and an art teacher, and I paint in the style of the old masters. I sometimes make copies of artwork by other artists. This is a common practice among painters who are still learning their craft: by copying paintings by old master painters, they learn what makes thoseBővebben: “Storm Waves—A quick oil painting study after Ivan Ajvazovszkij”

Oil Painting Green Grapes

Here I am at work in the studio continuing on the oil painting with green grapes. This is the second layer, adding the lights and texture with neutral tints. After this, I will use a small brush to add the final details. The painting is coming along nicely, but I’m having trouble getting the grapesBővebben: “Oil Painting Green Grapes”

Bachata Dancing Oil Painting Time-lapse

Time-lapse video of this quick dance painting study 😀 to Bachata music 🎵🥁🎸 “Bachata Dancing Couple” – 25 x 30 cm, oil on Hardboard, 2020 by me Nicolas Szuhodovszky. Alongside Salsa and Kizomba, I have also been dancing Bachata for a few years, another popular contemporary Latin dance. Bachata is a style of social danceBővebben: “Bachata Dancing Oil Painting Time-lapse”

Bolero Dancing Oil Painting Time-lapse

Time-lapse video of me painting these quick dance studies 😀 to Bolero music 🎵🥁🎸 “Bolero Dancing Couple 1” – 42 x 30 cm, oil on hardboard, 2019-2020 and “Bolero Dancing Couple 2” – 30 x 42cm, oil on hardboard, 2020. Bolero dance is a slow, expressive, sensuous rhythm dance coming from the Spanish tradition. ItBővebben: “Bolero Dancing Oil Painting Time-lapse”

The Transformation of Daphne

“The Transformation of Daphne (Apollo and Daphne)” 100 x 150 cm, oil on linen, 2016 by Szuhodovszky Nicolas. When APOLLO finally caught up with her, DAPHNE prayed for help to her father, the river god Peneus, who used metamorphosis to turn Daphne into a laurel tree: “Scarcely is her prayer finished when a heavy numbnessBővebben: “The Transformation of Daphne”